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Powering a Greener Future

The Powering a Greener Future initiative is a campaign to build a coalition of businesses, legislators and workforce development stakeholders dedicated to green economic development in the Latino Midwest community. The initiative provides an opportunity for organizations and individuals who have a stake in energy, regional economic development and the Latino community, to stand together to build a community training center that will enable the region’s fastest growing demographic to compete in a new economy and provide energy companies a resource for hard-to-find green talent.

The campaign aims to:

*  Raise $500,000 by December 31st 2010 to build out the first of its kind, state-of-the-art green technology training center at the Green Exchange in Logan Square.

*  Create an advisory council of businesses, community leaders and government officials to create a meaningful dialogue around preparing Latinos to compete in the green economy.

*  Create an in-community technology training center that would help individuals and businesses capitalize on the fast-growing green sector.

For more information about the campaign, contact Norman Ruano».