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IWE Launches a Collaborative Training Initiative in Latin America

In 2012, IWE launched a new strategy, “Puentes con Latinoamérica”, to collaborate with educational institutions in different countries of Latin America.  In its efforts to help strengthen Latin American institutions through the train-the-trainer method, IWE developed the Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) model; a training course based-upon real experience.  With the CPT program, IWE aims to give instructors the tools they need to create a positive impact on their training.

Due to the initiative's success, a collaboration agreement was signed with Proforma in Chile and by 2013 IWE had already certified 66 instructors with IWE-SAC credentials.  On May 15th, 2014, IWE signed a collaboration agreement with CBS Network in Ecuador to certify instructors under the CPT program.


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